Building a SaaS Business Intelligence platform for your customers?
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- A complete guide to the best BI platform architecture, practices and native AWS solutions 
- Our expertise and advice on managing typical risks 
- Insights into problems you may face during the process.

By choosing cloud-native Business Intelligence tools supported by serverless data and MLOps services, your company can eliminate all hardware-related costs, and deploy a high-quality solution quickly. One that ensures high availability, while storing and accessing data securely and, most importantly, delivering and providing key business insights for multiple customers simultaneously.

List of contents:

  • An overview of the typical platform/product and its goals.
  • Common pain points and obstacles to avoid or overcome. 
  • Guide to an end-to-end AWS architecture for a well-architected BI platform.
  • Frequently asked questions with the answers.
  • Gain key insights into implementing a SaaS BI based on our Chaos Engineers' know-how.

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