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Is AWS for me?
If you’re looking for an opportunity to leverage a new business model and turn capital infrastructure expenses into variable costs, AWS and cloud computing are the perfect solution for you. Servers and other IT resources no longer take weeks or months to plan. By using AWS, companies can benefit from the experience of highly skilled experts and implement (?) economies of scale to access resources when needed. This allows quicker and cost-effective result delivery. Amazon Web Services is a leader in cloud computing and provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform with a presence in 190 countries.
What does change management look like?
Our approach is based on the Agile methodology and four main change management principles: 1.to understand - when and why changes arise 2.to plan - effective change doesn't happen by itself, for that we plan our involvement and the impact of such a swap 3.to communicate - to convey/explain to our customer the way that change will happen in a clear and relevant manner 4.to implement -to make the change happen
How do we stand out?
-We Implement our projects via code (IaC approach) which makes it simple for your internal team to take it over once the “exit stage” comes -We implement the "easy exit" principle, the goal of which is to finish your project fast and deliver it in a form easy to manage
What does our culture look like?
-We’re experienced in working with businesses at all stages of growth: from startups to enterprises -We’re highly motivated for self-development and expanding our knowledge -We've got a tightly-knit, mutually supporting team that believes in sharing knowledge and competencies -We pride ourselves on our set of highly developed soft skills & our work is our satisfaction -We create suitable working conditions to keep our employees motivated for long term development in our company -We believe and practice No Rules Rule culture -We offer proactive feedback that helps us constantly improve and deliver better results
Why is it worth cooperating with Advanced AWS Partner?
-As an AWS Partner, we take part in a variety of official AWS programs, such as Well-Architected (https://chaosgear.webflow.io/service/cloud-optimalization-audit) or Solution Provider Programs, which provides our customers with a lot of benefits -Our engineers are actively involved in the AWS Community Builders program. Thanks to that, our team is up to date with the latest technologies and practices, constantly improving its competencies and ensuring the highest quality of services we offer -AWS Partners are certified to offer services compliant with AWS's standards, rules, and best practices
What does the beginning of the whole process of cooperation look like?
1. Initial meeting: we try to understand your needs 2. Technical assessments: we prepare the plan of cooperation 3. Discussion of proposal and agreement 4. Start of contract implementation 5. Customer Success Management Our customer-oriented approach is based on building long-term relations and focuses on helping you achieve your cloud goals. Our process includes: -Regular check-ins with clients to evaluate progress and define improvements -Open communication and quick reaction to your feedback -Efficient and well-organized business and account support
What is the process of adding and removing access with us?
In case of adding and removing access, we follow AWS Best Practices, which are available here: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/IAM/latest/UserGuide/best-practices.html
How do we cooperate with clients?
Chaos Gears hires highly qualified people on board and focuses entirely on AWS. We select our engineers through a meticulous process of internal technical interviews. This ensures only the best specialists work on all our projects, coming up with the perfect solution to every problem. We assign a combination of an Architect and Cloud Engineer to particular projects. Architects deal with planning and forecast the future based on either business or technical needs. The Cloud Engineer is responsible for the execution of the scope of work. This guarantees a perfectly well-thought-out selection of solutions and cost optimizations.
What is the model of cooperation?
We're flexible regarding cooperation models. We mostly work in these three models: End-to-end project - we're responsible for the whole project, starting with the assessment phase, through planning to execution. Augmented team - we deliver the specific skills which you need right now to prevent bottlenecks. At the same time, we pay close attention to the cross relationships between the members of your team. Consulting - we create and supervise the plan which your team executes on their own. Do you need another model of cooperation? Let's connect.