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Proven expertise

Advanced Tier Services Partner

We're proud that Chaos Gears achieved AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner status. This distinction is a direct result of our close collaboration with AWS. This designation is awarded to companies with a strong team of certified engineers, and a high level of knowledge and deep technical expertise in deploying customer solutions on AWS.

Every project is saved within our repository in code form.

Extraordinary features

Every project is saved within our repository in code form. This makes your DevOps more efficient while you can take over and configure the infrastructure at any collaboration stage.

Unique selling proposition

Unique selling proposition

We log changes in your environment and monitor its activity and efficiency regularly. We also run comprehensive data analysis. This way, we can recommend the best solutions and updates tailored to your organization’s needs.

We employ the CI/CD methodology thanks to which we automate processes

Undiscovered potential

We employ the CI/CD methodology thanks to which we automate processes, deliver projects faster and use the budget in the most efficient way.

We keep it flexible

Cooperation models

Choose one collaboration model or mix two of them for maximum efficiency and results.

Managed DevOps

A comprehensive service that moves the entire IT infrastructure management process to the Chaos Gears environment. We assign it to our team of highly qualified engineers and take full responsibility for the continuity of work as well as for all aspects of team management.

This is the recommended path for companies that want to stay focused on the core of their business operations.

Project DevOps

In this collaboration model, we assist in defining the scope of the project and adjusting it to your goals. We also determine all resources it will require. We take full responsibility for the project’s completion and delivery of outcomes that meet the defined criteria.

This is the recommended path for companies that plan to implement a new application or a process or want to optimize a certain IT aspect.

Augumented Team

This collaboration model is based on our engineers joining your organization to support your internal IT teams for ongoing work and completion of projects. Not only will we complete the assigned tasks, but we’ll also share our knowledge and experience acquired during the completion of other projects.

This is the recommended path for organizations that need additional human resources for a limited period without hiring additional employees.

Our strengths

Why collaborate with Chaos Gears?

We use methodologies that work best

We work according to the AWS best practices and methodologies ensuring efficient project management

We guarantee full support and our own Service Level Agreements

We offer 24/7 support services with guaranteed SLA

We do more than just migrate your data

We provide know-how materials and training and run your Cloud Center of Excellence

DevOps services on AWS Cloud

Plan, build, test, and deploy faster

At Chaos Gears, we take care of every detail and DevOps is foundational in designing, deploying and operating reliable, scalable digital services on the AWS.

We help customers implement continuous integration and continuous delivery practices (CI/CD) and look for new ways to automate tasks, run their operations more efficiently and manage the infrastructure on the AWS cloud.

Our DevOps practitioners seamlessly integrate solutions on the AWS platform in a mature and repeatable way, making your organization more efficient and productive.

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Here are the cloud-based projects we have successfully completed. See how we helped to create tailored solutions, and met and exceeded our clients' expectations.

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