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Chaos Gears specializes in migration, DevOps and app development on AWS. We use containerization in infrastructure and Infrastructure as a Code (IaC). We simplify the architecture through serverless technologies and AWS Lambda. In migration, we rely on our AWS partnership and best practices derived from the Cloud Adoption Framework.

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Our goal is to empower your organization to create an in-house, crystal clear technological strateg
About us

Our purpose and values

Our goal is to empower your organization to create an in-house, crystal clear technological strategy: one that will last for years, empowering delivery, improved operations and processes seamlessly.

As a team, we work to continuously improve your infrastructure, applications, and business. Get to your market faster and work in a more robust, more secure, and compliant environment. Chaos Gears ensures you are ready to grow your business.

We believe that Automation, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and Chaos Engineering is the discipline of improvement and experimenting on a distributed system in order to build confidence in the system’s capability to withstand turbulent conditions in production. In cloud we create better, more robust, more secure and compliant environment for growing your business.

Why we’re different

We are the trusted partner you can rely on. Our disruptive methods will help you achieve the next level of cloud transformation in a completely new way, delivering a cloud-centric modern approach beyond those of legacy service providers. It's a new journey all focused on strong customer experience.

Meet us

Our team

Meet our team of cloud enthusiasts, who will listen to you carefully at each stage of the process to deliver the best results with maximum cooperation

President & CEOPresident & CEO
President & CEO

Konrad Dudek

Member of the Board & CTOMember of the Board & CTO
Member of the Board & CTO

Karol Junde

Member of the Board & CMOMember of the Board & CMO
Member of the Board & CMO

Dariusz Kostanek


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