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Privileged access management at scale

Gain visibility into all user, machine, and application privileges and improve your security posture — on-premises, in the cloud and in hybrid environments.

Delinea Platform
Secure privileged access, everywhere

Unified, cloud-native platform

Seamlessly extend privileged access management with the first cloud-native unified PAM platform. Reduce risk while enabling growth, efficiency and scalability.

Delinea - Secret Server UI
Discover, manage and audit privileged account access

Secret Server

Delinea Secret Server secures your organization's passwords and keys in a quantum-safe encrypted vault. It reduces your attack surface by automating credential creation, rotation and expiration — and lets you easily discover unmanaged privileged accounts. Real-time monitoring coupled with detailed audit trails assist with forensic review and let you demonstrate compliance with regulatory frameworks.

implement endpoint application control for workstations

Privilege Manager

Delinea Privilege Manager lets you implement and enforce least privilege through endpoint application control for workstations. It automatically elevates privileges on a just-in-time and as-needed basis, thanks to its granular policy-based controls with threat intelligence. Begone, helpdesk tickets asking for privileged access.

Delinea - Privilege Manager
Delinea - Privileged Behavior Analytics
Detect anomalies in privileged account behavior

Privileged Behavior Analytics

Privileged Behavior Analytics enables IT and security administrators to quickly detect breaches — before they happen. A machine-learning based behavioral baseline is used to rank account activity by threat scores, so that you can focus on high-priority alerts first. You can quickly see who is accessing which secrets, with clearly visualized access patterns.

Trusted by leading organizations

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Delinea - Account Lifecycle Manager
Control and manage service account governance

Account Lifecycle Manager

Automate and streamline service account governance to control service account sprawl. Easily secure, provision, and decommission service accounts to harden and ultimately reduce your attack surface.

Delinea - Server Suite
Manage identities and policies on servers

Server Suite

Delinea’s Server Suite controls privileged access to servers in both on-premise and hybrid environments. It enables passwordless multi-factor authentication for both humans and machines, consolidating identities from numerous identity providers and systems. Enforcing least privilege with just-in-time privilege elevation, it increases accountability and reduces risk.

Protect DevOps and RPA pipeline secrets

DevOps Secrets Vault

Delinea automates secrets management and addresses all scenarios where machines exchange secrets, including databases and applications for software and infrastructure deployment, testing, orchestration, and configuration. You no longer need to compromise on security to scale your DevOps pipelines and RPA deployments.

Delinea - DevOps Secrets Vault
Delinea - Connection Manager
Enable Remote Work

Connection manager

Delinea's Connection Manager lets you manage multiple remote sessions in a unified environment, handling both SSH and RDP. Deeply integrated with Secret Server, credentials get automatically and securely injected as needed, while every action taken is captured in a detailed audit log. Session recordings let you retrace causal chains and demonstrate compliance.

Success stories

Case studies

SAAB case study
See why SAAB moved its secrets management to Delinea

While seemingly convenient at first, ultimately a centralized spreadsheet doesn't work too well when multiple distributed teams manage it simultaneously, in several languages, for an infrastructure spanning thousands of devices — globally.

Find out how SAAB's IT managers untangled day-to-day access management while simultaneously improving the company's security posture.

Watch the video →
IPC case study
See why food distributor IPC/Subway consolidated access management

Whether its tangible day-to-day problems or complex infrastructural issues, ad-hoc solutions rarely scale well. Over time, they hurt productivity — and people start reducing friction by relaxing security.

One of Delinea's first customers, IPC's IT teams know exactly why you should never let things get that far, and how granular automation policies can help you minimize friction while maximizing security.

Watch the video →
Beazley case study
Read how Beazley Insurance complied with auditors via privilege automation

When your organization has exponentially more secrets than employees and happens to operate in a highly regulated sector, both compliance and privilege management can become quite the challenge.

Luckily, Delinea can help you automate a lot of that away while simultaneously reducing your attack surface — and here's how Beazley did just that.

Read more →

See the platform in action

Find out how Delinea's Platform can help you adhere to least privilege best practices and improve your security posture across the enterprise.

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