IT asset management for Data Center and Cloud

An automated, agent-based and agentless solution for device, application, and service inventory, dependency mapping, and schema creation, with similar functions to ITAM, DCIM, IPAM — and more.

Complete infrastructure documentation

IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Device42 provides comprehensive IT asset management. It automatically detects resources and their configurations and creates IT asset documentation for the entire infrastructure. It analyzes devices and software and also identifies relationships between assets, both in the traditional model and in any public cloud, and tracks them. Advanced detection methods based on data obtained from network protocols and devices provide access to up-to-date information that reflects the actual state of the IT environment.

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Efficiency and business continuity

Cloud Migration Acceleration

Device42 automatically generates a repository of relationships and dependencies between devices, applications, and services, whether they run on physical devices, in a virtual environment, or in the cloud. Understanding the interdependencies and connections between individual components facilitates cloud migration and supports the change management process, including implementing new solutions or disconnection of existing ones.

Security and Compliance

Software License Management

Device42 offers an efficient, agentless software discovery process for Windows and Linux devices across the entire IT infrastructure, from servers to end-user devices. This process enables users to create and maintain an up-to-date software database, complete with information on full licenses, compliance, standard assurance, and cost management. Device42 supports a variety of licensing models, including lifetime, subscription, server, processor, and endpoint licensing, and can also detect unauthorized software.

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IP Address Management - Illustration
Network monitoring and management

IP Address Management (IPAM)

Device42's IP Address Management (IPAM) module provides an intuitive, centralized console for managing and monitoring IPv4/IPv6 addresses, enabling their analysis, tracking, and assignment. The module automatically detects various aspects, such as changes to IP addresses, the use of the same IP address by different devices (subnet overlapping), and double IP addresses. Graphical visualizations, including a tree view with nested subnets and IP numbers, facilitate the analysis and assignment of IP addresses to devices.

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Migrate and manage your IT environment

Full visibility of your entire infrastructure ensures reliable IT management

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IT Operations

Device42 is ideal for large organizations dealing with complex IT infrastructure and federated security architecture. The solution integrates with leading ITSM, SIEM and Configuration Management tools.

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Compliance and audits

Today, high compliance requirements are becoming more prevalent across various industries, such as healthcare, finance, industry, and e-commerce. Access to structured, accurate data and information is essential for meeting these requirements.

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Device42's CMDB provides a single source of truth for IT resources within the organization. It offers visibility into the entire IT ecosystem, enabling the management and validation of all CIs in the environment. The powerful auto-discovery tool allows you to choose from pre-configured processes and relationships or create your own to complement the built-in structure.

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Migration to the AWS cloud and other clouds

Device42 accelerates cloud migration by providing a complete view of the infrastructure before, during, and after migration. It automatically identifies legacy devices such as a mainframe or AS/400, virtual devices like VMWare and HyperV, as well as modern, cloud-native solutions (Kubernetes, Docker). It also offers a comprehensive view of storage options from top vendors like EMC, NetApp, IBM, and more.

Ready to revolutionize your IT management?

Complete documentation of the tech stack used within a company is crucial for making informed decisions and taking necessary actions. Comprehensive visibility of all resources, ranging from physical network devices, servers, and mainframes to cloud and containers is essential to ensure efficient IT management. The accurate evaluations of their mutual impact can be achieved by understanding the dependencies between each resource.

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