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Discover the potential of your cloud infrastructure. Prevent problems and unnecessary costs by identifying and eliminating risks beforehand

Proven expertise - We’re an AWS Well-Architected Review Partner

We are proud AWS Well-Architected Partner. The certificate recognizes that Chaos Gears has vast expertise to help customers optimize their cloud. AWS confirms our proficiency in identifying critical areas for improvement and remediation of issues in a customer’s environment. Review your workloads with us to boost efficiency, reduce security risks, and cut costs. Our team will recommend refinements and implement best practices and guidelines.

we’ve been selected to make this REVIEW

A program that successfully helping to update and improve your existing workloads

Consisting of 5 pillars for a Well-Architected Framework, this program includes operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization. They are fundamental to the good operation of a given system and ensuring that it meets all expectations and requirements. Only selected and certified AWS partners such as Chaos Gears can perform the Well-Architected Review thanks to their exclusive access to dedicated tools and processes.