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We are a proud AWS Well-Architected Partner. The certificate recognizes that Chaos Gears has vast expertise to help customers optimize their cloud. AWS confirms our proficiency in identifying critical areas for improvement and remediation of issues in a customer’s environment.

Review your workloads with us to boost efficiency, reduce security risks, and cut costs. Our team will recommend refinements and implement best practices and guidelines.

We’ve been selected to make this review

A program to improve your workloads

Consisting of 6 pillars, the Well-Architected Framework includes operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization. They are fundamental to the good operation of a given system and ensuring that it meets all expectations and requirements.

Only certified AWS partners such as Chaos Gears can perform the Well-Architected Review, thanks to our exclusive access to dedicated tools and processes.

Identify issues and uncover potential with official AWS Partners based on current best-practices.
Use specialized tools and processes created by AWS to deliver maximum results at the lowest cost.
Provide an objective and transparent review that shows you exactly what needs to be done to ensure your success
AWS Well-Architected process

How does it work?

Intro meeting Icon

Intro meeting

Our Business Team will introduce you to the whole process. You will easily learn about all the benefits of the Well-Architected Program. Understanding your business goals and Initial issues indication.

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Our experts will take a deep dive into your architecture to identify the most important issues. We will involve two sides for the high efficiency of the document we will create.

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The roadmap for improvements & offer
We will prepare you the full report of potential flaws or issues, and detailed insight and suggestions (how to optimize, refine or improve your system). The document includes priority ordered risks which are diagnosed on workload and the expected time of remediation per each of them (in hours).

Consulting meeting Icon

Consulting meeting

We will present to you our findings. The discussion of the most important issues and possible remediation plan with the involvement of our Engineers. Choosing critical risks for remediation as the best of your business perspective.

Implementation Icon


Implementation of the remediation plan (optional), proceeding to the remediation of the issues based on your request.

Summary Icon


All improvements are integrated into line with AWS’s best practices. You will be briefed when the process is complete. We are open to going further as your partner, so it doesn’t mean our relationship ends here!

Is your cloud infrastructure Well-Architected?

What is the AWS Well-Architected Framework?

How businesses benefit from AWS Well-Architected

AWS Well-Architected Framework assesses a specific, business-critical workload against the 6 pillars: security, performance efficiency, reliability, operational excellence, cost optimization and sustainability.

Benefits of being Well-Architected

✔️ build and deploy applications faster,
✔️ mitigate security risks before they happen,
✔️ identify unnecessary costs,
✔️ make better-informed decisions.

Well-Architected 6 pillars
AWS Well-Architected Review

We design and maintain effective cloud architectures

How long does the review take?

AWS Well-Architected Review typically requires between 4-6 hours per workload, depending on the size and complexity. We evaluate with your team the current state of infrastructure and services. A few days later, we provide a detailed report to help identify the critical issues.

Next, we share the results and the statement of work. Based on the findings, we team up with you to discuss the priority of your needs for remediation tasks. The entire process is completed within 2-3 weeks.

How often should I perform an AWS Well-Architected Review?

At Chaos Gears, we recommend systematically evaluating the AWS
- conducting the review each 6 to 12 months. Or after any major changes to your infrastructure.

This approach will help you prevent security threats before they happen, continuously optimize costs and maintain efficiency.

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How much does the review cost?

The cost of AWS Well-Architected Review is $1000 per workload.

Let’s define workload.

Types of workloads:

▪️ marketing website,
▪️ e-commerce website,
▪️ the back-ends for a mobile app,
▪️ analytic platforms, etc.

Don’t worry, it’s not an audit

Review your workloads with Chaos Gears to:

✔️ boost efficiency,
✔️ reduce security risks,
✔️ and cut costs.

Only a select group of AWS partners can perform reviews. We help you optimize cloud resources and reduce costs by recommending refinements and implementing best practices.

Proven expertise - We’re an AWS Well-Architected Review Partner

Receive $5,000 in AWS credits

For customers who have completed the review and started improving their architectures with the findings, AWS offers $5000 credits — per workload.

And most importantly, with Chaos Gears on board, you will optimize your AWS environment in such a way that you will be sure that you don’t overspend on services that you don’t use or need.

And all this without affecting the performance of your infrastructure!

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Here are the cloud-based projects we have successfully completed. See how we helped to create tailored solutions, and met and exceeded our clients' expectations.

Is your cloud infrastructure Well-Architected?

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