Cybersecurity & Compliance

Identification of threats in the IT area, security implementation and constant monitoring

We protect networks, critical systems and applications, as well as sensitive information from digital attacks and internal threats

efficiency from experience

We care about IT security

For 20 years, we have been providing security services to companies, including those using cloud technologies, hybrid models, as well as distributed cloud processing. We implement effective security solutions for a company's IT systems, applications and data against internal and external threats based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform and proven, market-leading security solutions.

Services provided by Chaos Gears

Our team of security experts handles, among other things, threat detection and mitigation, process standardization, encryption and security alignment with regulatory requirements and industry standards - CIS, NIST, MITRE and AWS Best Practices for Security.

Konfiguracja bezpieczeństwa dla chmury AWS

AWS cloud security configuration

We audit the IT environment based on the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark, CIS Controls Cloud Companion Guide and CIS Controls. We advise on methods and tools to improve infrastructure security. We help with tasks related to the implementation of solutions based on AWS native tools and those of other vendors.

Data protection

We support you in identifying and classifying sensitive data and securely processing, storing and deletion it securely. We provide modern and effective solutions that meet the requirements of regulations and standards for a specific industry.

Identity and access management

We establish processes responsible for granting permissions and managing access to users, applications, services and IT resources. We implement technology to facilitate the handling and control of these processes. We provide advice on the creation of workflows consistent with good practices.

Vulnerability management and IR process

We implement solutions responsible for continuous monitoring of the IT environment, identification and analysis (assessment) of vulnerabilities. We simplify and accelerate the processes of managing as well as eliminating vulnerabilities and their implications.

Log management

We help develop concepts for secure log storage in the cloud and hybrid environments. We support you in selecting, configuring and maintaining tools to store the raw logs, and help you implement and configure log management applications.

EDR and NDR solutions

We offer EDR and NDR solutions to detect and combat rogue software on both end stations and at the network layer. We help secure endpoint devices and servers, as well as protect network traffic (inbound and outbound) in the public cloud, enterprise networks, and infrastructure using a hybrid model.

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

We provide professional services for data and application protection and confidentiality, from architecture development through implementation, followed by 24/7 incident monitoring and response.

Security information and event management

We prepare and implement a security incident response plan to ensure business continuity for the company. We support the process of building incident response teams and provide our own security experts working in an outsourced model.

aws configuration audit

AWS infrastructure security review

We audit the AWS environment to identify any faults or weaknesses in the architecture and configuration of security systems. We identify areas of vulnerability, assess the level of risk, and implement necessary remedial actions.

Using the AWS Well-Architected Framework, we implement best practices for the Security Pillar, including a strong identity foundation, traceability actions and changes to your environment, security mechanisms for each system layer, protection data in transit and at rest as well as automation of the whole process. A review of the IT infrastructure completed with a detailed report is a starting point for further actions to improve the cloud environment's security.

audit details

Our competencies are confirmed by certificates

Chaos Gears as part of Passus Group, we meet the requirements necessary to implement IT projects with access to confidential and secret data that are principal from the national security, the European Union and NATO points of view. Passus S.A. has achieved industrial security certificates granted by the Internal Security Agency with the following clauses:

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