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Data & Artificial Intelligence

Fully harness machine learning and make your data work for you thanks to comprehensive Data & AI services.

Data Engineering

We deliver cloud-native data platforms. Our data lakes, data warehouses and lake houses come with advanced ETL and BI tools, and slick visualizations to ensure you stay on top of the game with key decision-making insights and real-time reports.

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Generative AI

We harness the power of generative AI and large language models to analyze data and let you generate content with human-like touch and precision — while simultaneously keeping your data private and safe from prying eyes.

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Machine Learning

We train, tune and deploy bespoke machine learning algorithms to discover patterns and solve problems in areas such as computer vision, predictive analytics, anomaly detection, time series forecasting and more.

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We move machine learning prototypes to rock-solid production environments, transforming entire data departments and shortening the ML deployment lifecycle from months to days.

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Expert know-how

Our engineers are certified by AWS as experts in their field. In fact, our Data & AI team is lead by a prestigous AWS Machine Learning Hero.

AWS Certified - Machine Learning SpecialtyAWS Certified - Solutions Architect ProfessionalAWS Certified - Data Analytics SpecialtyAWS Certified - Security Specialty
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Deploy your own generative AI platform

Make full use of your organization's data without the privacy and security concerns surrounding popular third-party platforms.

Here's how we can help

Tuned to your business

In order to deliver AI-powered solutions that perfectly align with your objectives, we work together to uncover GenAI opportunities with the highest ROI. With a reliable foundation in AWS and custom tooling, we can then iterate rapidly to deliver bespoke projects fine-tuned to your needs.

Secure and private

Your data can stay completely in your own environment. Beyond the confidentiality guarantees of Amazon Bedrock, we can restrict model use to vetted, fully open source foundation models and host them on your own AWS account. We can also restrict the project to services and tools that prohibit any third-party access to your data.

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Amazon SageMaker
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Amazon Bedrock
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Amazon Redshift
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AWS Glue

Reliable state of the art

Reliability is paramount — especially for cutting-edge tech. The solutions we work with are industry-proven and well-established.

Build your idea with (human) experts

We're as eager to answer your questions as a conversational AI — and, luckily, we're still better at it.

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