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Data Engineering

Move your data to secure data lakehouses, and empower your decision-making with real-time insights from modern cloud data analytics services, cutting-edge ETL and BI solutions.


From data migration to storage, security, and analysis, we provide solutions tailored to your data management strategy. Together, we can unlock the full potential of your organization's data, driving change and productivity benefits.

Data storage

Our specialists build cloud-native lake houses, data lakes, and data warehouses. These large repositories store vast amounts of raw, semi-structured, or structured data. They enable organizations to explore and analyze data faster, reducing uncertainty in decision-making. We deliver a well-architected and cost-efficient data ecosystem that is simple to use and fast to query.

Data migration

We design a tailored AWS cloud migration strategy that guarantees a smooth transition to the new environment without impacting your current operations. Throughout the migration process, we maintain data integrity, security, and compliance. With your data in the cloud, you can leverage its scalability, flexibility, and reliability in a cost-effective manner.

Data processing and analytics

We use modern ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools to continuously process data, monitor its quality and generate key decision-making insights. We handle batch and real-time data processing simultaneously for a seamless data integration experience, improving the quality of business insights.

Integration and visualization

We serve your data to other platforms and entities via Business Intelligence tools, and APIs or by pushing data out with dedicated reverse ETL tools. We create customizable, user-friendly data visualizations and leverage AWS and open-source tools to query data in a scalable and cost-effective manner.

Automation and reliability

We automate your business workflows and ETL processes to improve efficiency and reduce manual intervention. Our team manages data warehouses, data lakes, ETL engines, and data orchestrators, delivering regular updates and maintenance. We ensure a seamless data ecosystem experience by incorporating strong DevOps practices.

Data security and governance

We ensure that your data remains encrypted, secured and backed up and that only authorized personnel or applications can access it. We employ data governance and lineage solutions, to ensure data lifecycle transparency and readability. AWS or 3rd party tools protect your business from cyber-attacks and ensure compliance with business policies.


Expert know-how

Our engineers are certified by AWS as dedicated experts in their field. Our focus is always on the goals set by your business and data science teams.

AWS Certified - Data Analytics SpecialtyAWS Certified - Solutions Architect ProfessionalAWS Certified - Machine Learning SpecialtyAWS Certified - Security Specialty

State-of-the-art data processing

AWS Analytics and open-source services allow us to deliver top-notch data engineering solutions. We stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and practices that can increase the utility and value of your organization's data.

Amazon Kinesis
Amazon Athena
AWS Glue
AWS Lake Formation
Amazon QuickSight
Amazon Redshift
Amazon S3
Data Build Tool

Complementary Data & AI services

Generative AI

  • Question answering
  • Content generation
  • Private data sources & Retrieval-Augmented Generation
  • Virtual assistants and chatbots
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  • Data analysis
  • Model training and tuning
  • Model deployment and monitoring
  • Automation
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Deploy your own generative AI platform

Make full use of your organization's data without the privacy and security concerns surrounding popular third-party platforms.

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