April 24th | Retrieval-augmented generation — what comes after Hello World? | AWS Summit London

Generative Artificial Intelligence

Transform your business with Generative AI, unlocking previously impossible use cases. Achieve more with less, thanks to efficient solutions and a bit of our support.

AI-based solutions

We help design, build, deliver and maintain cost-effective state-of-the-art GenAI solutions which tap into the enormous potential of artificial intelligence.

Question answering

Interact with large documents using natural language. AI is able to parse even the lengthiest of them — and then answer any questions you may have.

Business-specific data

Seek within internal company documents in milliseconds. Using techniques like Retrieval Augmented Generation we can let your model access your business data, so it returns relevant, factual and up to date information.

Your personal ChatGPT

We will help you set up a personalized chatbot that actually understands your business, and unlike commonly-available solutions won't leak your data to anyone but you.

Document summarization

Summarize documents, generate an executive summary or their descriptions and quickly grasp essential information later. LLMs are able to quickly generate accurate and coherent summaries of lengthy documents.

Content generation

Create targeted marketing materials or social media posts and enhance brand visibility. Large Language Models can generate high-quality content on a wide range of topics, simplifying the creation of engaging content.

Content analysis

Automatically analyze customer reviews or tickets and assign them to a relevant person. Perform deep sentiment analysis, detecting nuanced emotions in text while also identifying and extracting relevant keywords and themes.


Expert know-how

Our engineers are certified by AWS as experts in their field. In fact, our Data & AI team is lead by a prestigous AWS Machine Learning Hero.

AWS Certified - Machine Learning SpecialtyAWS Certified - Solutions Architect ProfessionalAWS Certified - Data Analytics SpecialtyAWS Certified - Security Specialty
Case studies & blog posts


widąca instutacja finansowa case study
How to introduce MLOps in healthcare

Learn how an innovative, HIPAA-compliant machine learning platform supports a healthcare leader in advancing global medical research.

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HBC case study
How generative AI and large language models can enhance your business

Large language models such as ChatGPT recently made headlines in nearly every corner of the world. Why is the matter important and how can you benefit from it?

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HBC case study
Deploying machine learning models in SaaS applications on AWS

A showcase of various methods and features of SageMaker Inference in the context of deploying machine learning models for software as a service applications.

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Reliable state of the art

Reliability is paramount — especially for cutting-edge tech. The solutions we work with are industry-proven and well-established.

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Amazon SageMaker
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Amazon Bedrock
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Hugging Face

Complementary Data & AI services

Data Engineering

  • Collection and storage
  • Processing and cataloging
  • Access management
  • Automation
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  • Data analysis
  • Model training and tuning
  • Model deployment and monitoring
  • Automation
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Deploy your own generative AI platform

Make full use of your organization's data without the privacy and security concerns surrounding popular third-party platforms.

Here's how we can help

Tuned to your business

In order to deliver AI-powered solutions that perfectly align with your objectives, we work together to uncover GenAI opportunities with the highest ROI. With a reliable foundation in AWS and custom tooling, we can then iterate rapidly to deliver bespoke projects fine-tuned to your needs.

Secure and private

Your data can stay completely in your own environment, if that's your wish. Beyond the confidentiality guarantees of Amazon Bedrock, we can restrict model use to vetted, fully open source foundation models and host them on your own AWS account. We can also restrict the project to services and tools that guarantee your data will not be used by any third-parties.

Build your idea with (human) experts

We're as eager to answer your questions as a conversational AI — and, luckily, we're still better at it.

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