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Generative AI

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Six solutions for modern IT

A new era of artificial intelligence

The advent of foundation models such as Amazon Titan, ChatGPT, Bard, Stable Diffusion or Claude has brought a new way to solve complex cognitive problems. Explore how Large Language Models (LLMs) and other ML models impact the real world with example solutions below.

Document summarization

Summarize documents, generate an executive summary or their descriptions and quickly grasp essential information later.

LLMs are now able to generate accurate and coherent summaries of lengthy documents.

Question answering

Interact with large PDFs using natural language.

AI is able to parse even the lengthiest documents and answer any questions you may have.

Retrieval augmented generation

Find relevant documents in your enterprise in milliseconds. CTRL+F on steroids!

Using foundational models and a technique called embedding, you can index large amounts of text data and make it available for LLM to ensure it returns relevant, factual and up to date information.

Content generation

Create targeted marketing materials or social media posts and enhance brand visibility.

Foundational models can generate high-quality content on a wide range of topics, making producing engaging yet informative content easier.

Contextual content analysis

Automatically analyze customer reviews or tickets and assign them to a relevant person.

AI can now perform deeper sentiment analysis, detecting nuanced emotions in a text while also identifying and extracting relevant keywords and themes.

Virtual assistant

Build a personalized chatbot that actually understands.

LLMs now have built-in human-like understanding and can easily converse with a person, identify the subject and suggest appropriate action.

How Chaos Gears helps

Our focus is delivering AI-powered solutions that align with your company objectives. We work together to identify the most valuable Generative AI opportunities and the lowest-hanging fruits. Utilizing frameworks for developing applications powered by language models such as LangChain or Llamaindex, vector databases, serverless technologies paired with top tier foundation models and a reliable AWS foundation, we rapidly deliver a bespoke project.

Security and privacy built-in

Depending on the exact requirements your data may stay completely in your own environment, both when fine-tuning and on inference time. We can employ fully open source foundation models and host them on your own AWS account using Amazon SageMaker. Some services such as Amazon Bedrock also guarantee that your data will not be used to retrain the 3rd party models.

Our generative AI tech stack

State of the art technologies

We choose the right tools for a state of the art Generative AI-powered application development for your projects.

Amazon SageMakerLangChain
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