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Data & AI Services

Machine Learning

Use AI algorithms trained on your datasets to predict, discover patterns, identify anomalies and make automated decisions much faster and more accurately than any human could.


Generative AI is not a silver bullet. Regular machine learning algorithms complement areas in which GenAI fails, often for a fraction of the cost. We train, tune and deploy custom machine learning solutions to uncover insights and patterns in your datasets.

Computer vision

Harness the power to interpret and make decisions based on images and videos.

  • Manufacturing: Monitor assembly lines to identify defective products.
  • Healthcare: Analyze medical X-rays to detect diseases.
  • Agriculture: Monitor crop health and identify pest infestations.

Natural language processing

Analyze diverse text and speech datasets to understand human language and make actions based on that.

  • Legal: Analyze legal documents to extract key information.
  • Every Content Platform: Filter user-generated content on your platforms and identify emerging hot topics.
  • Healthcare: Extract information from clinical notes and patient records for streamlined care.

Predictive analytics and anomaly detection

Use historical data to perform classification, make predictions, detect anomalies and run “what if” scenarios.

  • Retail: Forecast demand for products and optimize inventory.
  • Finance: Analyze transaction data to detect fraud.
  • Energy/Manufacturing: Predict equipment failure in power plants or factories.

Recommendation and personalization

Predict customer preferences and create personalized offers that suit them the most.

  • E-commerce: Suggest relevant products to your customers.
  • Streaming: Recommend movies, TV shows or music to your users.
  • Marketing: Create personalized marketing campaigns.

Segmentation and clustering

Group your customers, items or entities into meaningful segments.

  • Finance/E-commerce: Segment clients based on their financial or buying behaviors.
  • Healthcare: Group patients based on medical history and symptoms for better treatment plans.
  • Retail: Cluster products into categories based on sales data to optimize store layouts.

Expert know-how

Our engineers are certified by AWS as experts in their field. In fact, our Data & AI team is lead by a prestigous AWS Machine Learning Hero.

AWS Certified - Machine Learning SpecialtyAWS Certified - Solutions Architect ProfessionalAWS Certified - Data Analytics SpecialtyAWS Certified - Security Specialty
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Deploy your own generative AI platform

Make full use of your organization's data without the privacy and security concerns surrounding popular third-party platforms.

Here's how we can help

Tuned to your business

In order to deliver AI-powered solutions that perfectly align with your objectives, we work together to uncover GenAI opportunities with the highest ROI. With a reliable foundation in AWS and custom tooling, we can then iterate rapidly to deliver bespoke projects fine-tuned to your needs.

Secure and private

Your data can stay completely in your own environment. Beyond the confidentiality guarantees of Amazon Bedrock, we can restrict model use to vetted, fully open source foundation models and host them on your own AWS account. We can also restrict the project to services and tools that prohibit any third-party access to your data.

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Reliable state of the art

Reliability is paramount — especially for cutting-edge tech. The solutions we work with are industry-proven and well-established.

Complementary Data & AI services


  • Data analysis
  • Model training and tuning
  • Model deployment and monitoring
  • Automation
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Generative AI

  • Question answering
  • Content generation
  • Private data sources & Retrieval-Augmented Generation
  • Virtual assistants and chatbots
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Build your idea with (human) experts

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