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How New Relic supports cloud migration, operations, and maintenance

Read about our client's real-world migration case supported by this full-stack observability platform. Find out all the key benefits we have identified.

Piotr Kieszczyński

This article highlights a real-world migration example from a Chaos Gears client in the entertainment industry. Located in the US and in over 50 other locations globally, the company decided to deploy New Relic on the cloud that included integrations with Amazon Web Services (AWS) services, Kubernetes, and third-party applications including Cassandra and NGINX. The entertainment company used a hybrid cloud model to meet key business results and implemented a management tool to support the migration process. As part of the solution, a key requirement was to monitor migration processes and alert operators to any anomalies.

The first stage of our project was to prepare a fully functioning Landing Zone in the company's AWS Organization and migrate part of the business to that Organization. We achieved this using a team of experienced engineers dedicated to working with the client.

As a reliable and fast-growing AWS partner in Europe, Chaos Gears helped the client to maximize the potential of its cloud and to choose the most appropriate tool to simplify migration to the cloud. We delegated a highly experienced team of engineers to this project, who know the benefits and possibilities of public cloud computing and understand the traditional IT environment and processes within large organizations.

The project decision-makers on the client’s side together with the Chaos’ engineers selected the New Relic platform for the migration process. The tool supports the entire cloud lifecycle from pre-migration planning through ongoing optimization, including: 

Why New Relic - the engineers’ observations

Based on feedback from engineers working on the project, the platform provided a range of key benefits, which resulted in their client’s decision to use New Relic for day-to-day operations and maintenance work post-migration, making it the observability and monitoring standard for the company. 

Engineers from Chaos and from the client side identified key benefits New Relic delivers:

Overall benefits of using New Relic allowed the business to focus on creating applications that deliver growth and new capabilities, without constant troubleshooting. 

Benefits of using New Relic

As businesses and development teams move to the cloud, there are a growing number of services and solutions to support their efforts. A good example is New Relic delivers improved observability and problem-solving providing DevOps teams with a highly automated way to monitor and debug across the entire development stack for cloud migrations. 

Advantages include a unified monitoring platform, regardless of what tools and applications are on your stack. The alerting system works across all Amazon Cloud environments as well as your local services.

New Relic provides engineers using AWS with insights up-and-down the technology stack, including MongoDB, nodeJS, Apache, and MySQL among others. With instant insights into the system, it provides usage, error, and VM metrics, monitors latency between applications and website uptime. 

New Relic observability platform snapshot

If you are new to New Relic, we thought we would provide you this brief overview of the platform. The tool ensures great set of capabilities, but you only need to choose the elements you need, from a broad list: 

As companies look to leverage the benefits of cloud migration,tools like New Relic help manage the complexities involved. Providing health maps and application performance monitoring, it allows businesses to deliver value, optimize operations, and innovate faster,all of which improve the user and customer experience, regardless of the application. 

Cloud adoption and usage will only continue to grow, and teams are pressed to deliver more complex solutions with many moving parts. New Relic eases integrations and delivery, reducing the workload on developers and engineers.

As the volume of code, the toolset used to manage it, and the complexity of development increases, all DevOps teams need a support tool to help with delivery and operations management across the highly dynamic environment. Additionally it is critical to monitor the end-user’s experience on the live applications. 

Get in touch to see how Chaos Gears and New Relic can improve your IT performance.



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