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Software as a Service

We fully understand how the as-a-service model differs from traditional, bespoke software. Whether you need an expert to consult, build, deploy or review your product, we are here to help with SaaS expertise and insights.


From the architecture of your SaaS, through its deployment in the cloud — we support you all the way, breaking any siloes between Development and Ops teams.

  • Your SaaS runs steadily on AWS and can handle millions of customers.
  • A steady stream of new product features is delivered to your tenants rapidly and automatically.
  • Their data remains secure and isolated.
  • Your workloads scale up and down with traffic.
  • Tenant onboarding process time is drastically minimized.
  • Tenant-aware metrics provide valuable insights on what your tenants actually do with your product.
  • A global health dashboard and alerting mechanisms allows you to quickly react and mitigate any issues or bugs.
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Cloud Optimization Review

If your product is running on AWS already, our certified experts will perform a thorough review of your system’s infrastructure using Well-Architected Framework with a special focus on the SaaS Lens.

Our additional eyes and a different perspective on your product can prove crucial in terms of improving the security, scalability and robustness of the software you’ve built.

  • Any risks, misconfigurations, faulty designs and other issues are immediately highlighted.
  • We rate them by their severity, discuss and work together on immediate and long-term fixes.
  • Additionally, AWS provides infrastructure credits to lower the cost of the entire process.
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Cloud-Native Development

You outsource the development and deployment parts to us. Our certified software development team will transform your idea into a fully-fledged SaaS product.

Additionally, your product is built in accordance with AWS Well-Architected Framework and SaaS Lens. You can reduce time-to-market and serve your product to any number of customers with no issues.

  • Your multi-tenant SaaS is built on cloud-native AWS technologies from the grounds up.
  • Due to the infrastructure maintenance and operations burden vastly lowered, our team can focus on creating your business and deliver features faster.
  • The software automatically aligns its compute resources to meet the actual demand - from one tenant to millions.
  • A predictable pay-as-you-go model allows you to plan and monitor your infrastructure costs.
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Business Intelligence Platforms

We can build your data-focused SaaS on AWS. We will improve and move the prototype of a BI product to AWS with a multi-tenancy focus. ML algorithms, interactive dashboards and widgets will be available to each tenant and will be generated for them automatically. Thanks to that, your research team could work on new analyses and features using a mature MLOps platform.

  • Content you serve is personalized and tailored to your tenants.A modern SaaS data stack is delivered.
  • Lakehouse architecture allows you to handle hundreds of new tenants as well as store and query petabytes of data in a secure manner.
  • A MLOps platform ensures that your data scientists can freely experiment with that data and use state of the art algorithms without any computational limits.
  • A serverless tenant portal serves all insights to your customers and automatically scales up and down.
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Machine Learning

Using data-driven decision processes powered by machine learning, you can provide large amounts of intelligently tailored content to your tenants, simultaneously creating new possibilities for both your company — and your tenants.

  • Content you serve is personalized and tailored to your tenants.
  • Overall product demand and other important metrics are forecasted.
  • Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing capabilities enhance your application by new AI-based features.
  • Anti-fraud mechanisms ensure your tenants remain secure.
  • Automated chatbots spare you a lot of time on customer service. 
  • MLOps platform let you or your tenants build ML models on the data you collect.
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Deploy your own generative AI platform

Make full use of your organization's data without the privacy and security concerns surrounding popular third-party platforms.

Here's how we can help

Unique considerations

We can help you tackle all the unique challenges of SaaS products — at least where software is concerned. Together, we can build a future-proof, cloud-native SaaS platform based on best practices and reliable tools.


Bind user identity to tenant identity

Every user that accesses your application must be connected with one of your customers (a tenant). This tenant context has to freely flow around your system and be quickly accessible to ensure that each user sees only their instance of the product and their actual data. How do we inject that context at every layer of the infrastructure without bloating your software?


Onboarding processes and automation

Converting a potential customer into a tenant of our system should be as fast and simple as possible. You don’t want your clients to wait weeks or months before they get your product. How do we streamline and automate this process?

data isolation

Security through data isolation
and availability

Data is a crucial part of every product. You have to apply the tightest level of security to ensure that your customers can see only their data. At the same time, your product must access the data seamlessly and quickly. How do we reconcile the two?

compute isolation

Compute isolation options

Economies of scale enable sharing as much compute power between your tenants as possible to evenly spread the infrastructure costs. However, due to compliance requirements, legacy software or various “noisy neighbor” type of problems, you may be forced to share no piece of infrastructure between your customers. Which model suits you the best?


Feature adoption, reuse and automation

Your tenants should be managed and operated through a single, unified experience. They should get the same features and versions of your product and be onboarded using the same process. A new deployment or a roll-out of a new feature should be global and require minimal operational overhead. How do we achieve that?


Support for multiple plans, customizations and plugins

Your product may have different pricing plans with different feature sets or their custom plugins. Some customers may require tenant-specific modifications of your product. How do we meet these one-off needs without creating a bespoke version of your product?

Right sizing

Adapt with right-sizing
and auto-scaling

SaaS applications tend to be spiky in terms of traffic. Sudden loads in traffic can happen due to marketing campaigns, being featured on Product Hunt or various random “my product just went viral” situations. You don’t want your product to stop working when it gets traction. But, you don’t want to spend millions of dollars on an unused, overprovisioned compute fleet either. Can we balance it?


Tenant-aware monitoring
and data-driven insights

Your tenants and their well-being is your top priority. You need to closely monitor the health of each product instance and be notified whenever your system malfunctions. Additionally, tenant-aware cost reports might be crucial to maintain expected revenue and budgets. Also, proper usage metrics on what your tenants do in the application will allow you to perform data-driven decisions on which features to invest in and which should be discontinued. How do we set that all up?

general technology

Cloud optimization and technology implementation

Many of the existing tools you’re using will support multi-tenancy - but a significant fraction of them will not. If you find out their limits at the later stages of the project, refactoring might take thousands of hours and consume millions of dollars, effectively killing your product. Are you sure your current technology stack fully supports building a SaaS?


Case studies

Find out how we help our clients create tailored, cloud-based solutions that exceed expectations.



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